Are You Within the Recommended Guidelines for Your Monthly Expenses?

Who is Bunchy the Budgeteer? Who is 'Bunchy'?

Are you confused by all the financial advice out there, telling you how much you need to be saving each month? I know that I used to be! Would it help to know if you are within the recommended guidelines for your monthly expenses?

Have you got into a spin about what percentage of your income you should be investing into a pension? You know, so that you’re not eating cold baked beans in your old age (unless that’s how you roll)?
Do you ever wonder if you’re spending far too much of your income on things you enjoy? Are you worrying that those items are costing you more than the actual price tag – like your financial health?

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Top 10 Apps and Websites That Earn You Money

Stacks of pound coins - Our May 2018 budget report

How much free time do you spend on your smartphone or laptop? Are you scrolling through stuff that isn’t rewarding in either sense of the word? Sure, we all need some mind ‘bubblegum’ at times, but, if we’re not learning or earning, we can feel unfulfilled. When you next have free time and are at a loose end, you may like to try these top 10 apps and websites that earn you money.

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Foraging For Food – Picking Blackberries

Foraging for Our Food!

On Sunday we had a lovely afternoon that didn’t cost us a penny. We’ve been foraging for food – picking blackberries!

Our car has been stuck in the local garage for over a fortnight now and won’t be coming home. (More on that disaster another time). Even being the hermit that I am, even I was getting a little cabin fever. Continue reading “Foraging For Food – Picking Blackberries”

How to Save Money on Christmas

How to Save Money on Christmas - Bunchy the Budgeteer

Yes, I mentioned the ‘C’ word! I’m sorry, but at the time of publishing, there are only 89 days until Christmas (I found out by using this pretty cool countdown clock! Whatever time of year you’re reading this, remember, it’s never too late — or early — to learn how to save money on Christmas. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Christmas”

Why Being On Camera Isn’t For Me

Why I left YouTube

In late 2016, after being inspired by the ever-growing world of the personal finance YouTube community, I thought it’d be a good idea to jump on board and share my own ideas and passion about this topic.

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Easy Homemade Frugal Tomato Soup

Are you looking for an easy, homemade, vegan-friendly, frugal tomato soup? Well, you may have found it!

Credit must go to Mr.B for this recipe, which he created last week from a wonderful gift of tomatoes grown by my out-laws. 

I’m a pretty good cook but unless it’s something I’ve made many times, then I have to follow a recipe. Mr.B, on the other hand, is a wizard at rustling up delicious meals out of what appears to be nothing in the kitchen (and I’m eternally grateful for this!). Continue reading “Easy Homemade Frugal Tomato Soup”

Frugal And Healthy Spicy Lentil Soup

Wait! Don’t be put off by this recipe title! I know, I know, ‘lentil soup’, even with my strategic inclusion of the word ‘spicy’ (and don’t let that put you off either, as you don’t have to have it spicy) isn’t particularly appealing.

However,  even my meat-loving husband gets excited when I serve this, which tells me all I need to know. This is one of the two soups that I make most often and we eat it as a main meal, either with sandwiches or yummy bakery bread.
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Are You Jealous Of The Joneses?

Making comparisons with people is a common thing. We all do it to some extent, but some people find themselves not only consumed with wanting to see what other people own and do but trying to keep up with this self-imposed standard of what is ‘crucial’ to have for themselves – also known as ‘keeping up with the JonesesContinue reading “Are You Jealous Of The Joneses?”

A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition

‘A Fistful OF Frugal’ will be a regular semi-regular feature where I share five (five fingers equals a fist, right?) frugal things that either my husband or I do to save money. I’m going to kick off with my frugal beauty tips/grooming.

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Money – Where on Earth Should I Begin?

'Relax' sign

Or ‘How to Sort Our Your Money Mess’

Where on earth should I begin?‘ This is something I’ve been asking myself when thinking about starting this blog. It’s also something most people ask themselves when they make the decision to get a handle on their finances.

Mr.B and I don’t use credit cards or any sort of credit. We do have debt, however, in the form of a mortgage. This is often referred to as ‘acceptable debt’, but to us, we won’t fully relax until that bad boy is paid off. It’s going to take a long time, but we’re determined to get it paid off early-(er). That being said, in the past, we have each taken out loans, have bought items from catalogues and thankfully, we didn’t encounter any problems that caused us to get behind on payments. It could so easily have happened though. Continue reading “Money – Where on Earth Should I Begin?”