15 Cheap and Free Things to Do with Kids – To save your money and sanity!

Cheap and free things to do with kids

Are you looking for cheap and free things to do with kids? Even if you’re not struggling with money, any of us, in charge of entertaining children, enjoy keeping down the cost. Sure, there are always countless ways to spend a LOT of money on these small creatures, but as most parents or even occasional carers of kids will know, the little gems are often pleased with simple and/or low-cost activities — as long as the activity’s fun, they’re happy! Continue reading “15 Cheap and Free Things to Do with Kids – To save your money and sanity!”

‘A Fistful of Frugal’ – Bathroom Edition

Close up of a fist | Frugal homemade cleaning tips

After writing lots of heavy articles on debt, we could do with a shorter and easier read. This lead me to realise that despite beginning a series called ‘A Fistful of Frugal‘ (five frugal things Mr B and I do), I’ve added no further posts to the series.  So here’s Instalment two of ‘A Fistful of Frugal‘ with frugal, homemade cleaning tips. This is the bathroom edition. Continue reading “‘A Fistful of Frugal’ – Bathroom Edition”

Our February 2018 Budget Report

Candle in heart-shaped case - February monthly budget report

It’s time for me to share with you our February 2018 budget report. How can March be here already?!

Things may have been easier for you in February, compared to last month. What do you think? Have you recovered from Christmas? Maybe you organise your money so you’re saving for Christmas throughout the year? Perhaps you don’t go over a set Christmas budget either? Let me know. If you’re not doing these things, why not start now? Continue reading “Our February 2018 Budget Report”

Websites and Apps to Save You Money

Websites and Apps to Save You Money

Last month I told you about ‘Top 10 Apps and Websites That Earn You Money‘.

Today I’m sharing eight websites and mobile phone apps that can save some of your hard-earned cash. I use every single one of them.

No time to read just now? No worries, just pin to Pinterest! Continue reading “Websites and Apps to Save You Money”

Top 10 Apps and Websites That Earn You Money

Stacks of pound coins - Our May 2018 budget report

How much free time do you spend on your smartphone or laptop? Are you scrolling through stuff that isn’t rewarding in either sense of the word? Sure, we all need some mind ‘bubblegum’ at times, but, if we’re not learning or earning, we can feel unfulfilled. When you next have free time and are at a loose end, you may like to try these top 10 apps and websites that earn you money.

Continue reading “Top 10 Apps and Websites That Earn You Money”

How to Save Money on Christmas

How to Save Money on Christmas - Bunchy the Budgeteer

Yes, I mentioned the ‘C’ word! I’m sorry, but at the time of publishing, there are only 89 days until Christmas (I found out by using this pretty cool countdown clock! Whatever time of year you’re reading this, remember, it’s never too late — or early — to learn how to save money on Christmas. Continue reading “How to Save Money on Christmas”

A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition

‘A Fistful OF Frugal’ will be a regular semi-regular feature where I share five (five fingers equals a fist, right?) frugal things that either my husband or I do to save money. I’m going to kick off with my frugal beauty tips/grooming.

Even if they’re not things that you’d choose to do, that you’ll at least find them interesting. Continue reading “A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition”