Our June 2018 Budget Report

Hello, again, budgeteers! It’s Summer and the weather here is glorious. I can’t spend every moment enjoying the sun—there’s June’s budget to complete, after all—and after doing so, I can now say it’s time to share with you our June 2018 budget report.

For new readers: I use percentages, instead of monetary amounts. This is both to respect my husband’s wish to keep our income private and in case you want to compare how much of your income goes to your own categories. As your income will be different to mine, percentages are more helpful.

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Our June 2018 Budget Report

Our June 2018 Budget Report


As regular readers will know, due to my multiple health issues, for the past four years I haven’t been able to work outside the home. Therefore, I’m in receipt of a small government benefit.

Despite the benefit I receive, claimants may do a small amount of work, providing they don’t go over so many hours per week or earn more than a set amount each week. I write freelance to bring in extra income and to feel more productive, but without any guarantee of ongoing work, I don’t include my freelance writing pay in our budget. For now, the money’s being set aside until I’m certain how much tax I have to pay as a self-employed person.

Apart from finding a penny, there hasn’t been any boost to our income this month!


(Shown in percentages of May’s total income, rounded up or down to keep things simple).

Mortgage: 26%

Council Tax: 7.5%

Gas and Electricity: 6.7%

Gas and electricity were much higher than the usual. This is because we’ve changed energy provider, which we did to get a better price. Last month, an overlap occurred, and we received bills from each provider. Both providers took money from our account this month, too, as our old provider sent us our final bill.

We use Money Saving Expert Energy Club to look for the best deals on all utilities.

Water: 2.6%

Groceries: (Includes food, toiletries, and household needs.): 9.6%

There was money left over from May’s grocery budget and whenever we don’t spend everything from our grocery budget, we roll the surplus onto the following month, because our grocery budget is tight. Should we be trying to pay off debts, we’d instead add any surplus to debt payments. 

We would have come quite a lot under budget in June, too, but Mr B had been hankering after takeaway pizza and, as he’d been working hard all weekend on a frugal project (which I’ll reveal once finished), I couldn’t put up an argument.

Our June 2018 Budget Report
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Internet and Landline: 1.1%

Life Assurance: 1.5%

Mobile Phone Bills: 0.6%

My Dental Insurance: 0.6%

Mortgage Overpayment: 0%

Pensions (besides to the small automatic deduction from Mr B’s wage): 0%

Once we reach our savings goal for our overseas holiday abroad—which we’re taking in 2019—we’re resuming our pensions investing. Oh, and we’ll pay for the holiday before we leave!

Petrol: 1.4% 

With Mr B riding to and from work every day—due to the dry weather—and me not going anywhere in the week, we used little petrol. I think I needn’t have bought any petrol this month, but I did anyway.

Sinking Funds: 14% put into our short-term savings.


Our June 2018 Budget Report
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June’s Sinking Fund Spending

From our sinking funds, in June, we spent money on the following:

  • wheel alignment on our car after having a new tyre fitted.
  • a late birthday treat for one of my nieces. I took her to the museum, for lunch, to the amusements and the beach.
  • Father’s Day cards. I usually make greeting cards but I’ve been too busy.
  • a small gift for my father-in-law and special food for my father, for his home-cooked Father’s Day meal.
  • treating another niece for her birthday, enjoying amusements on the pier and having lunch.
  • plumb parts
  • garden slabs and sharp sand to replace a few broken slabs in our back garden.
  • a ‘new-to-us’, secondhand amp, after the one for our TV system, broke. The
  • replacement amp has to go back because it’s faulty. I don’t care about surround sound and watch little, but Mr spends most of his spare time devouring films and series.
  • shop-bought compost (our homemade compost has gone and the compost we’re ‘cultivating’ isn’t ready yet).
  • two glass baking trays to replace our scratched, metal ones.
  • a replacement showerhead.

We spent much more than usual on ‘household expenses’ in the past three months, but if you saw our house, you’d understand. Since I moved in—in 2012—it’s required a complete overhaul. Still, we’re doing it all without credit and, though this slows progress, once paid, it’s paid.

Holiday Savings: (‘vacation’ to U.S. readers) 18% 

We’re saving for a big (by our standards!) holiday abroad next year, to mark two special anniversaries we’re having this year. We’d hoped to save enough to go in 2018, but didn’t have enough, so paid for a cheap holiday in Cornwall back in April, instead. Yes, we could have gone without, but after Mr B booking off work and us psyching ourselves up for our first holiday in four years, we decided not to say no to ourselves.

Miscellaneous Buffer: 0.8%

From our miscellaneous buffer, in May, we spent money on the following:

  • taxi to work for Mr B one morning
  • bird peanuts
  • hay fever tablets

Our Personal Spending Money: (which has to cover clothing, haircuts, makeup, gifts for each other on special occasions, and socialising, etc): 8.0%

My Personal Spending in June


Our June 2018 Budget Report
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I got a personal allowance boost of 73% (!) from cashing in on a couple of survey sites I use.

In June my personal money got spent and saved in the following areas:

  • a ‘new-to-me’, secondhand smartphone. I damaged my old one, and it was holding me back when trying to do the associated things I need to do for the blog. Mr B used the opportunity to buy himself a better secondhand phone and sold me his old one. That’s what we almost always do. He enjoys tech, while I don’t care as long as it works!, I had to pay for this from my savings as my allowance is far too small to cover it.
  • new flip-flops after my old pair broke while in the Crazy House, with one of my nieces. I had to walk a far way to the shoe shop in bare feet!
  • junk food.
  • a first-class stamp for a letter to my Grandma.
  • my half of the days out for my neices’ birthdays.
  • two craft beers.
  • vape juice (Mr B makes ours, which keeps costs low).
  • chips (‘fries’, to US readers) and a fairground ride at our local air show.
  • a case for my ‘new’ phone.
  • a zero-waste, glass nail file.
  • to my general, personal savings (that cover the *cost of running this blog).

Web Hosting

And that’s it for our June 2018 budget report!

Remember, When looking at your spending each month, your life and requirements will differ from ours. I share our budget to give you insight into how we budget in the hope it may give you ideas for your own budget if you need them.

So, how was June for you? How do you divide up your money each month? Do you need to make a budget? Do you keep a budget report each month to track your spending?

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Our June 2018 Budget Report
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Bunchy x

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