A Fistful of Frugal – Five Frugal Things – Random stuff (part 1)

Hi, budgeteers and welcome to another edition of a Fistful of Frugal – Five Frugal Things. Today’s post shares five recent – and random – frugal things in our lives. Let’s get to it.

Five Frugal Things

Frugal Exercise/Leisure Time

Last Friday Mr B and I took a long walk through a nature reserve we’re lucky enough to enjoy, almost on our doorstep.

We witnessed low-flying geese, heard many birds singing their little hearts out, discovered new plants, met friendly dogs along the way, and drank in the gorgeousness of the sunny, Spring day.

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

On Saturday we dragged out our bikes from the shed for the first time this year and set off for a long (for us) bike ride to explore a new area built on what used to be the airfield.

The sky was bright blue, and the ride was both interesting and relaxing (even if we were saddle-sore by the time we returned home!).

The photos throughout this blog post are snaps I took on the bike ride – another free hobby of mine.

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

Frugal Dinners

We’ve changed the way we plan our meals and how we buy food. Right now we’re experimenting, but so far we seem to be saving money doing things this way.

Instead of planning our meals for the week and buying the ingredients needed to make said meals, we’re now only going to the shops when we can no longer do without something, whether that’s a food item or a toiletry item. When we need to go shopping we go, but only then do we buy items we’re both low on and/or need.

Shopping this way has made us Mr B more creative with making dinner and we’re using things up before buying more stuff. Whether we’ll continue this way, I don’t don’t know, but so far so good.

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

Frugal Entertainment

Most days I listen to podcasts on my favourite topics (finance and intentional living) and now use a new podcast app called Podbean. I use Bluetooth headphones (I’m on my second pair!) and love how I can listen to my favourite podcasters while I’m on the move.

Podbean is FREE and has great features. You can download the app from both the Play Store and the App Store, depending on whether you use Android or Apple.

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

Frugal Holiday

We booked our first holiday in a few years!

We’d planned to go abroad this year to celebrate 2018 being the year we celebrate both five years of marriage and 10 years being a couple, but that didn’t work out due to not having enough in our holiday savings to visit the country we’re desperate to explore next; Norway.

The plan now is to spend a week in Cornwall and go to Norway next year instead. After that, unless we can increase our income, holidays won’t be on the cards for the foreseeable future. Investing into our retirement plans is our priority.

So, what did we do to save money on holidays?

Well, for one, instead of me booking the Cornwall accommodation through the third-party booking site and paying a booking fee, I made a direct payment to the owners of the accommodation, using their website.

As we’re going to Cornwall by train, not only did Mr B and I take time to play with different travel times and use a fair-splitting tool (several fair-splitting websites are available), we bought advanced tickets and renewed our Two Together Railcard (using a discount code found online!).

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

With our renewed railcard we can use it for days out, etc, saving further money down the line (no pun intended).

Although we didn’t have enough Tesco Clubcard points to make use of this deal, there’s a great deal available for getting 50% off a Two Together Railcard here.

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

Frugal Dining Out

Mr B took a week’s holiday the first week of April and though there wasn’t much ‘play’ money to spend, not only did we enjoy our local food festival, where we each got both a savoury and a sweet treat, we bagged a great bargain at Pizza Express.

By us each installing the Pizza Express app we each were eligible to receive a FREE Classic pizza, so one afternoon we went in, received a delicious pizza each and ordered a FREE jug of tap water for the table and didn’t order dessert (we only wanted water and couldn’t manage dessert!). The bill came to a grand total of £0, but we left a small tip. What a fantastic deal!

* Get your free pizza here.*

Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

Have you been frugal of late? Do you have any tips on money-saving activities you’d like to share?

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I love hearing from people who want to improve their finances and/or simplify their lives. Don’t be shy! Comment, contribute to the Facebook page, or send me a private message.

Until next time.

Bunchy x

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Five Frugal Things
Photo by Lisa B at Bunchy the Budgeteer

2 Replies to “A Fistful of Frugal – Five Frugal Things – Random stuff (part 1)”

  1. I love reading about little tweaks that help ya save big!
    The most frugal thing I did this week was skip a $10 yoga class to do a YouTube video at home. I feel like the next Dave Ramsey.
    I really enjoy this series, thanks!

    1. Ha, ha, that’s fab! Dave Ramsey…:’D

      I’ve been working up to trying some YouTube exercise videos, especially when Winter arrives. For now, Spring is here (most days ;)) so it’s easy to get out for bike rides and walks.

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