Disillusioned About Blogging

I didn’t post last week because, to be frank; I became burnt out and jaded. I became disillusioned about blogging.

When I began this blog, the primary reasons were as both a creative outlet for myself and due to wanting to help educate people on how to better manage their money.

I want to offer readers the best experience within my financial power (i.e. not much) and so spent hours upon hours of precious time reading the endless material available online outlining the things that, as a blogger, I’m ‘supposed’ to do, which resulted in losing my style of writing and, along the way, I somewhat ‘lost myself’ too, if that doesn’t sound too dramatic!

Disillusioned About Blogging

Social Media Nightmare

Then comes the hardest part; to get the blog to new readers.

With millions of blog posts being written every day, the chance of people just stumbling upon Bunchy the Budgeteer without me using multiple social media platforms and the constant promotion of each post, several times a day, my readership is tiny compared to my blogging peers.

I became overwhelmed and wondered what was the point.

I needed to step back from the blog, so I focussed on other things last week. Here’s what that week allowed me to realise:

I’m Not Even Planning on Monetising the Blog, so What’s the Massive Rush or Worry of How Many People Read It?

These days, an increasing number of people are hoping to give up their full-time jobs and replace their income by having a blog. The truth is, this only happens for a small percentage of bloggers and can take years to achieve.

Disillusioned About Blogging
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Are you wondering how you make money from blogging? Here are the main income earners:

  • Having adverts on your blog.
  • Being an affiliate for products and services.
  • Getting paid by brands to review and recommend their products and services.

Here are the reasons I don’t see myself doing those things:

  • I hate advertising and don’t want you to have to put up with obtrusive adverts, either.
  • I struggle to believe a stranger recommending a product or service when I’m aware they’re sponsored by the brand, so how could I expect any of YOU to trust I’m being authentic if I were to recommend products or services to you? You don’t know me (apart from my readers who are friends and family – Hi, friends and fam!) so how can you trust me?
  • I’m in receipt of a disability benefit and, though I CAN earn a small amount on top, per week, I want this to be from freelance writing and not from this blog.
Disillusioned About Blogging
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This Blog Began as a Pleasure for Me

I want this blog to be of help to people with their money and their lives, no matter how small the impact and no matter how small my readership, but I want it to be enjoyable for me, too.

I can’t allow myself to get overwhelmed by what I MUST do to be ‘successful’. Gary Vaynerchuk, you’re great, but to spend hours each day on social media for greater reach instead of doing something I feel is meaningful? Nah, bruv.

I’ve had my semi-rant on becoming disillusioned about the blogging world, so thanks for listening!

And Breathe…

With that said, I’ve decided I’ll be more selfish with my blog now. I’ll only cover topics I want to cover, which will now include more on simple living and contentment. Whoever this helps along the way, fantastic! What’s the point if it doesn’t help others?

You should also hear my writing ‘voice’ come through more now. My posts may not appear as edited from this point, but they’ll be the rawer, deeper version of me, which can only be a good thing. With too much sameness out there already, I’m not adding to it.

I’ll still share stuff on social networks, but may delete certain platforms and will no longer be posting multiple times a day.

Disillusioned About Blogging
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The Hippy Bit

See, unlike money, time’s the only resource we can’t earn more of, save, or grow. I’m now 40 and I’m damned if I’ll waste whatever left I have of my precious time, staring at my screen doing anything other than what’s good or productive for me and those I love. I won’t take up any more of yours, either.

Shut your screen off, play with your children, walk your dog, read a great book, make love, or tell somebody how much they mean to you.

Until next time.

Bunchy x

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Disillusioned About Blogging

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2 Replies to “Disillusioned About Blogging”

  1. Bunchy, I found myself feeling similar recently when looking at my blog views. It started out each week was increasing nd now things seem to he tapering off, or even decreasing at some points.
    I too, had to remind myself that I am not expecting or planning on making money from my blog, it’s very much a labour of love! So I’ve tried to stop worrying about that so much, I know there are a handful of loyal readers at least, so that’s pretty much enough reason for me to keep going 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing where your blog goes from here!

    FS x

    1. Aww, many thanks for the encouragement, Formerly Skint. It means a lot!
      I thought I was already following you, but it’s just because I’ve re-pinned many of your pins. 😀 Anyway, I’m now a follower and look forward to reading more of your money diaries. 🙂

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