‘A Fistful of Frugal’ – Bathroom Edition

After writing lots of heavy articles on debt, we could do with a shorter and easier read. This lead me to realise that despite beginning a series called ‘A Fistful of Frugal‘ (five frugal things Mr B and I do), I’ve added no further posts to the series.  So here’s Instalment two of ‘A Fistful of Frugal‘ with frugal, homemade cleaning tips. This is the bathroom edition.

I keep things as simple as possible with my cleaning products. Where possible I want them to be:

– cheap
– effective
– natural
– environmentally-friendly

Depending on the week, sometimes we fail at meeting the criteria, but we try our best given our available money and time.

Most of the products I use are homemade and perfect for everyone even if you’re skint. They’re the way our grandmothers used to clean.

Once I’ve written fu

Most of the products I use are homemade and perfect for everyone even if you're skint. They're the way our grandmothers used to clean.Click To Tweetrther posts on other do-it-yourself, cheap ways we keep our home clean, I’ll aim to put them together as an ‘Ultimate Guide‘ to natural, budget-friendly home cleaning. I’ll include instructions on how to make awesome, ‘green’ and frugal cleaning products of your own.

Another thing I love about the products we use is that most of them are non-toxic and safe enough to eat (not that I’d recommend eating a pot of bicarbonate of soda or drinking a bottle of white vinegar – yuk!).

To know I wouldn’t be in a mad panic if a spill occurred or if children or animals were to get hold of my alternative cleaning items is reassuring.

I hope that by sharing what we use and find effective, gives you ideas for cleaning your own bathroom frugally.


Five Frugal Ways We Save Money on Cleaning the Bathroom

Woman's shape through a shower curtain | Frugal homemade cleaning tips
Photo by Steinar Engeland on Unsplash

A Frugal Way to Clean the Shower Curtain

We don’t use the shiny plastic ones and so we throw our shower curtains in the washing machine once a month. If we neglect to wash them and any trace of black mould occurs, I fill the bath with water (enough to cover the shower curtain) and add a slug of bleach and let the curtain soak for a while. Later, I rinse the shower curtain and wash in the washing machine and hang to dry. I’m aware that bleach is terrible for our environment and, though I seldom use it, it’s the one ‘nasty’ product that’s remained. Once this bottle is empty I’m switching to using hydrogen peroxide!

Outdoor WC | Frugal homemade cleaning tips
Photo by Amy Reed on Unsplash

A Frugal Way to Clean the Toilet

I use a spray bottle (re-purposed from a nasty chemical-filled product), filled half and half with water and white vinegar. If you’re worried the water will grow bacteria, boil the water first and allow to cool. Other people use distilled water. I spray the loo (cistern, lid, seat, etc) with the mixture and wipe clean.

For cleaning the toilet pan, I use a good old toilet brush, that sits in a mixture of water, liquid soap, and vinegar. (Remember: soap is soap, so use whatever. Washing-up liquid, bubble bath, etc, is fine). To prevent the growth of bacteria, change the liquid in the toilet brush holder often.

I give the pan a quick scrub around with the loo brush every day. Once a week I chuck a cup of bicarbonate of soda around the pan, add vinegar (which reacts to create a foaming action) and let the foam sit for a while before scrubbing and flushing away. Once I buy the hydrogen peroxide, I’ll use it instead of bleach.

U.S readers will know bicarbonate of soda as ‘baking soda’.

Legs under water in bathtub | Frugal homemade cleaning tips
Photo by Karla Alexander on Unsplash

A Frugal Way to Clean the Bath and Wash-Basin

Every day I try to spray (the same trusty vinegar spray used for our loo) and wipe around the top of the bath (the flat surfaces where your products might sit) with a microfibre cloth. This keeps everything looking presentable.

Once a week I use liquid soap (if the bathtub is grimy I mix bicarb with the liquid soap to make a paste) around the inside of the bathtub and clean with a micro-fibre cloth. Then I rinse with water. I use this same procedure for cleaning the wash-basin and fittings (taps, shower heads, and shower hoses).

For deep cleaning the taps, shower heads, and shower hoses, I use an old toothbrush and the liquid soap and bicarb paste mixture. They come up great. For removing limescale I use straight white vinegar on the fittings and leave them soaking in the vinegar before rinsing.

Small bathroom | Frugal homemade cleaning tips

A Frugal Way to Clean the Floor

I use a steam mop. It doesn’t involve chemicals and the floor dries fast. We had to buy the steam mop, but we did our research and bought one with good reviews, in the lower end of the price range and waited for a sale. Before we owned a steam mop, because our bathroom is tiny, I would get on my hands and knees and clean with my vinegar spray and microfibre cloth. It took seconds to clean but wasn’t always easy for me.

Bathroom mirror on chest of drawers | Frugal homemade cleaning tips
Photo by Logan Ripley on Unsplash

A Frugal Way to Clean the Mirror and Windows

We use hot, soapy water (again, don’t worry what liquid soap you use, but I use washing up liquid) and a micro-fibre cloth. To make sure they’re as streak-free as possible with minimal effort, we use our second-hand window vacuum. This has been a game-changer. Before owning the window vacuum, preventing streaks meant using dry micro-fibre cloths to make sure we were removing as much moisture as possible.

Do you have any frugal, homemade cleaning tips? What’s the most effective, frugal and/or natural cleaning product you use in your bathroom? If you use shop-bought cleaning products, would you consider making your own? Are you unsure if homemade cleaners are effective? If you have any thrifty cleaning hints, tips, recipes, or hacks’, please share with us!

Check out instalment one of A Fistful of Frugal’ – the Beauty Edition.

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I love hearing from you and want to grow a community of people interested in improving their finances and simplifying their lives. Don’t be shy! Comment, contribute to the Facebook page, send me a private message or all three! I will always try to help you.

Lisa aka ‘Bunchy’

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    1. Thanks so much!

      Aren’t steam mops great?

      Just to reiterate, I was talking about a window vac, not a standard vac. I wouldn’t recommend using that to suck up water!

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