A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition

‘A Fistful OF Frugal’ will be a regular semi-regular feature where I share five (five fingers equals a fist, right?) frugal things that either my husband or I do to save money. I’m going to kick off with my frugal beauty tips/grooming.

Even if they’re not things that you’d choose to do, that you’ll at least find them interesting.

I cut my hair

I looked for videos on YouTube and found one that kept instructions simple. Granted, I keep a simple haircut, but there are tutorials for many styles, dependent on how brave you are!

I make my deodorant

I really don’t like the idea of repeatedly smearing dodgy chemicals onto the skin near my lymph nodes and breast tissue and so did some research and lucked out on a fantastic recipe, which just so happened to use ingredients that we already had in the kitchen.

Once made, it lasts me many months and works better than even such brands as Mitchum worked for me. My husband tried it and though he said it worked more effectively than regular deodorant, he didn’t like the oiliness in his underarm hair. (N.B. It has never left oil stains on my clothing). Here’s the recipe.

Hand holding small jar containing homeade deoderant - A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition
Photo by Lisa B for Bunchy the Budgeteer

I use a homemade exfoliant

Now, there are many recipes using a combination of ingredients, either using sugar or sometimes salt, as the main ingredient, and I have tried many of them, but I always go back to the thing I’ve used since I was a teenager, which is plain old granulated sugar! If you want something less abrasive, then use a recipe that mixes it up with an oil, for instance.

Using sugar gives me really soft skin and must have saved me a fortune (not to mention all of the plastic that was kept from landfill and nasty chemicals from my skin) over the years and, as we take sugar in our tea, we always have it in the house!

I use a homemade face mask

I’ve experimented with homemade masks over the years, but always went back to my beloved clay masks, but when my favourite clay mask was discontinued recently, it was the kick I needed to look into homemade masks once again.
I have an ongoing battle with acne. Yes, I’m 40 and not only do I have to contend with wrinkles but spots too. Life’s cruel.

I really want to make my own clay masks, but the initial outlay is a little bit much for me to justify right now, but I found a recipe that is working very well for me and, you guessed it, everything required was in our kitchen.

Feet in water and flowers - A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition
Photo by Rune Enstad on Unsplash

I do my manicures and pedicures

My fingernails aren’t particularly high on my list of priorities, but when I do decide to look after them, I can do a pretty good job with some very simple and inexpensive tools.

Even if you’re the type of person that likes those amazingly creative fake nails, with jewels and charms, there are tutorials for free on YouTube and not only do you save a fortune by doing it yourself, you’ll be learning a new skill. Hey, maybe you can start earning money by offering your new skill to others!

What frugal things do you do? Please share so that we can all learn from each other!

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Bunchy x

6 Replies to “A Fistful Of Frugal – Beauty Edition”

  1. Good for you for cutting your own hair! I need to get on this, I could at least be doing my kids’ hair. Great ideas here, these things can all be so expensive, this is a good way to still feel like you are treating yourself/doing some self-care.

    1. Thanks, Clare! YouTube is full of great ideas. I used to cut my little sisters hair when they were kids (there’s a huge age gap between them and me) and it was pretty easy, though a little nerve-wracking to begin with! I’ve never cut boys hair, though I shaved my husband’s head a few times. 😀

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